Why do eggs sometimes give you a nauseous feeling after eating? I started buying farm fresh eggs, and wouldn't you know it? Then I figured it out! 586 views. This is a no-no, says Sonpal. At least it is for me, which is too bad since chicken and eggs are a couple of my favorite foods! Surprisingly, nausea or stomach pain after eating eggs or chicken is common for many people.

Hard-boiled, fried and poached are fine…even scrambled soft when I make them myself are tasty and make me feel good.

You’re Taking Your Vitamins on an Empty Stomach. Egg is a food that is rich in cholesterol. Why eggs make some people feel sick?

0 share; Facebook; Twitter; 503 points. This food is healthy though it is sometimes not especially for the individuals that are experiencing hypertension and have diabetes. Eating egg yolks doesn’t cause any issues at all. There are also people that feel sick once eaten an egg because they have egg allergies. So I can eat hard boiled egg yolk, sunnyside up, over easy, poached, deviled egg yolk. Your body had an immune response or unable to digest the egg whites, some get it after consuming a small amount of egg whites while other could feel sick only after eating a lot of it, so I guess this is the reason why you asked “why do eggs make me sick”. Why Do Eggs Make Me Nauseous? Sickness occurs a few hours after consumption, sometimes even a day or more. Why does eating eggs in certain ways make me feel sick/nauseous? 503. Here, four reasons why you might feel nauseous post-supplement: 1. There was a news report not long ago about eggs and how stores don't store them at the proper temperature. It's the salmonella that's making you sick. Feeling Nauseous After Eating. whenever I eat (what I consider) over-cooked eggs, and/or if they are beaten and cooked in such a way that the curd is really tiny I feel nauseated immediately and can’t shake that queasiness for hours. I always used to get nauseous after eating eggs.

It wasn't me at all, but the eggs I was eating! by Anonymous 6 days ago 6 days ago. In general, nausea after eating can be extremely uncomfortable.