New Angels of Promise (Bowie/Gabrels) 9. Brilliant Adventure (Bowie/Gabrels) 10. Something in the Air (Bowie/Gabrels) 3. Seven (Bowie/Gabrels) 6. Things like the name of the album: Things like the name of the album: Oh, it’s a feeble pun. Arriving after two labored albums, the shift in tone is quite refreshing. Hours, of course, completes Bowie's late 90's trilogy in his usual fashion-- he's altered his sound to fit his perception of current musical trends. In 1999, Bowie gave an interview to the Rolling Stone to explain some things about the Hours… album. The Dreamers (Bowie/Gabrels) 11. If I'm Dreaming My Life (Bowie/Gabrels) 5. It feels like classic Bowie, yet recalls no specific era of his career. Bowie's Hours was a critically acclaimed celebration of some of his most memorable late period EMI work. What's Really Happening (Bowie/Gabrels) 7. Comparable in ways to Scary Monsters & Hunky Dory , Hours was a treasure trove of new Bowie music which surely catered to his millions of fans across the world. Hours is a relaxed, natural departure from this method.

"Thursday's Child," the album's engaging mid-tempo opener, is a good indication of what lays ahead. The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell (Bowie/Gabrels) 8. Survive (Bowie/Gabrels) 4.