Going uphill, as I downshifted and put a hard effort in, the watts shown increasingly dropped as I put more power down. The resistance unit is enclosed to absorb sounds. Using the flow smart and new for the season, favero assioma. Like all smart trainers, though, it has some idiosyncrasies that can make things confusing for users. Really pleased, until i matched it with my power meter. Weighing in at 47.5 lbs, the Rock and Roll is the heaviest trainer we tested and also receives the lowest score of any smart trainer in the test. Faulty Tacx Vortex Smart or design flaw? Since the Vortex senses cadence based on changes in your pedal pressure, the smoother your pedal stroke, the less accurate the Vortex’s cadence numbers become. However, it requires power to provide controllable resistance and power data. It is a fun entry level trainer. The Hammer Direct Drive and Tacx Neo Smart come in at 47 lbs, but they are direct drive trainers. Portability. The Tacx Vortex Smart combines interactive smart technology with the convenience of a fold-down trainer and a very good price. Compare Tacx trainers Use the drop-down menus to change models

however the power zone intensity didn't correspond to the sweetspot anymore and Iended up in treshold zone based on my hear rate. For instance, the Bushido and Genius are a lot more silent than the Vortex and Flow trainer. Wattage calculations from the Vortex unit are very accurate anyway when calibrated against our Stages crank. Therefore, these trainers have to make more rotations per minute to create the same output and thus produce more sound. The ERG mode is often spoken about, but what is it exactly and why can it be helpful for your indoor training sessions? Tips for training in ERG mode. One of the many reviews I read compared the Vortex to the Nintendo Wii and in many ways this is accurate.

Hi. In my experience, the Flow is not particularly accurate although in certain modes it can be consistently inaccurate. That's about the problem I am having, I have the tacx vortex ( a less expensive smart trainer ) and I rode the mountain route last night and had some hard intervals I had to do. bobones Posts: 1,018. Vortex Smart. December 16, 2018 15,445 238. The Tacx Vortex Smart provides progressive resistance without being plugged into electrical power — something few lightweight and portable smart trainers do. Tacx Vortex Power Accuracy Test. I have huge problems to get reliable values with my Vortex and TrainerRoad. Here are posts that should answer just about any question you may have regarding using your Vortex Smart on Zwift. ( See this page on Tacx’s site for an explanation of how they compute cadence.) I invested in a Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer for the cold months ahead but I'm a bit disappointed and confused about the power values it reports. Among the trainers with electrically-based load generators, the Computrainer, the Velodyne, and the Velotron are reportedly consistent and can be calibrated to be accurate against a known accurate power meter. The Tacx Flow. I had an e-mail exchange with DC Rainmaker and decided this was the one for me. It’s easy to set up … I compared the output of the Neo 2 with my Vector 3 pedals and it was very consistently 15-20 watts lower.