However, some kites can only be found on windy days. International Sport Kite Rules Book - Version 3.0 01 April 2017 Page 8 of 21 H. ROUND A round is a competition forming part of a series of competitions where the competitor's scores from each competition are combined to determine the overall result.
However, the player will appear backwards while the kite … Although it's unusual for dogs to attack kites while still in the air, always make sure there are no dogs around when you land your kite. They are known to run away when a kite lands, but in some instances, they've been known to grab the kite … Parks, beaches, and playgrounds can be crowded, with many different activities competing for space. The one who saves his kite till the end becomes the winner. Kites can be used while riding a mount, or while flying. If your kite ends up in a tree, you're going to need a new kite. Founded in 1929, it was designed to ignite creativity in children. Watch Children Keep a close eye on children when flying a kite. Take away any odd bits of line you have discarded, the bag that the kite came in, etc. The ABC Kite Fest (aka the Zilker Kite Festival, after the park in which it’s held) is a beloved, family-friendly tradition: activities for all ages, traditional kite flying contest and showcase, a fun run and MossFest, and a children’s music concert. Do not fly near airports or above 200 feet (60 metres) - see the Rules of the Air. Kissimmee Utility Authority offers these simple safety tips to help make kite flying a safe experience: Build or buy kites made of wood or plastic. ; A kiter on a port tack (left hand and shoulder forwards) must yield right of way (get out the way, pass downwind). Here are few things to keep in mind. Competition Rules R.1 The judges weigh each kite, including its bridle.

Right of way rules determine who has the "right of way" and who should "yield, or get out of the way" when passing. It is each kite flier's responsibility to fly safely so that we continue to be welcome at our favorite windy places. Always tidy up after you. In years gone by, the Garrison Savannah was the place to be on Easter Monday as this was the venue for the kite flying competition. Kite flying in Afghanistan or 'Gudiparan Bazi' is a real fun and one of Afghanistan's national outdoor sports. Always wear gloves for strong pulling kites. As such, there are no rules for flying the kites, it is just that one should be very careful with the string, as it can cut the fingers and can sometimes, cause serious injuries as well. The Zilker Kite Festival, US. Never fly near trees. 8. Kite bags and other gear have been blown out to sea by gusts on many occasions. Note: A kite bridle is the arrangement of any strings placed between the kite and its flying line; used to hold the kite at a certain angle to the flying line to improve how the kite flies. Courtesy, and Common Sense. As with all pastimes, kite flying requires a bit of planning and common sense in order to minimise the chance of accident or injury. People have been flying kites in Afghanistan for more than 100 years. In a kite flying competition, hundreds of kites fill the air, and people try to cut each other's kites. Always wear gloves when flying a hard-pulling kite. (2) Except as provided for in §101.7, any kite that weighs more than 5 pounds and is intended to be flown at the end of a rope or cable. 101.1 Applicability. Fly your kite in an open field or near the shore where there are no obstacles.

Fly kites … Never use the kite as a flying device - despite what videos you may see on YouTube; Secure your kite on the beach leading edge down with sand on either side of the main strut - or use a plastic or cloth bag full of sand; Secure your possessions on the beach too. As Charlie Brown observed, they like to eat kites. Throw them away responsibly or recycle them. From the smallest to the largest kite with all sorts of descriptions in between. Never fly near a highway.

For flying with two-line kites the minimum size of the flying field shall be: - 105 x 105 m for teams - 95 x 95 m for pairs - 85 x 85 m for individuals; For flying with three or more line kites each of the minimum sizes can be reduced by 10 m - shape A competition that saw the extent of the kite-making creativity found on this island. Only use cloth for the tail. References to kites would seem to apply to kites weighing 5lbs and more as described under Applicability. Kites can pass through solid blocks. Before flying any kite, though, it’s important to be safe because kites and electricity don’t mix. Flying kite is a common hobby of many Afghans throughout the country. Many people love to fly kites, but in the hands of careless people, kites can be dangerous.
Kite Flying in Afghanistan is a form of outdoor sport that many took into the status of art. Whether you are flying alone or in a busy park, it is good to remember the 3 C's of kite safety: Caution. A kiter on a starboard tack (right hand and shoulder forwards) has right of way.