Well, it sounds crazy but today I've managed just that....but there's a price to pay - you got to take the reed off your mouthpiece; then (and only then) you can play low Bb, low A and low Ab on your sax (I've only tested it on my Alto but tomorrow I'll try on my Soprano and Tenor). We do this because it’s while attempting to play the low register of the saxophone that our bad breathing techniques get exposed. If you listen to a recording of a wind ensemble for example, envision yourself playing the saxophone pitches and melodies. So Before you blame your mouthpiece or reed or instrument for a not so great sound, realize that without proper breathing technique you can’t sound good on any equipment. Listening to recordings or live performances of saxophones is another great way to study. This will help you better understand how to use your breath and the ways in … Doing this is a necessary step for creating an image of your own ideal for what it should sound like when you play. Your air is the energy that powers the saxophone.