You can make your own and avoid paying expensive prices for a ready-made one. 3 different lengths; brown – large ; orange – med ; yellow – small ; Glue the Lion’s Mane. If you're turning this lion craft into a card, then fold the orange paper in half along the top of the lion's mane. A lion fringe (or mane) can be worn for fancy dress, with or without a costume. Nov 19, 2013 - How to make a lion's mane for a child's costume. See more ideas about Mane n tail, Lion mane, Mane. Preschoolers will first construct a paper lion either from a paper plate or from a paper bag. Assemble the lion's face … Cut yellow and orange and brown strips out of construction paper. Alternatively you can just cut a circle out with scissors (you can use round objects – glasses, lids, containers to make the circle outline to cut. Decorate the lion head. #gluedtomycrafts; Make It Your Own: Instead of printing the free lion face file on white cardstock, swap it out for yellow paper and take out the “coloring in” step listed above.

Cut out the mane, leaving the top, flat part of it uncut. Don’t forget to share pictures of your Leaf Lion Mane creations on your social media sites! Make loops by gluing the ends of the paper strips together.. Loots of loops. It's simple to make. Paint paper plate yellow. Cut the Lion’s Mane. A few inexpensive materials and a half hour of your time is all that's required for this project. Don’t feel limited by our tutorial. Use a paper punch to make a circle out of yellow construction paper. A lion-mane headdress is the crowning touch for a lion costume. Download the lion card template, print, and cut out the pieces. The lion, which is a large carnivorous mammal of the cat family, is often referred to as the king of all animals. Rim the back edge of the plate with glue stick where the strips will be applied. Preschool-aged students will love learning about this large cat with these fun and simple activities. This is the card fold line. The headdress is comfortable to wear and will stay firmly in place. Use thick paper or thin cardboard for the fringe.