They charge £22,335 for pupils in year 9 and above. Student Application Fee*. 2019/2020 Application Fee Promotion – All Students. ETON International School uses an international curriculum that is thematic and creative with a clear process of learning and with specific goals for every subject customized depending on every child’s needs. SBC at Eton College At a Glance. Eton - which has fees of over £14,000 per term - has decided to send pupils home. Offering an all-male, all boarding school education, Eton College caters to 1315 students between 13 and 18. Admissions / Registration / Fees / Bursary Information Bursary Support for Boys without Scholarships Eton has substantial financial provision designed to widen access to the school by enabling boys to come to the school who could not otherwise do so, and to allow boys to remain in the event of a change in family circumstances.
Just behind Eton, Marlborough charges £38,995 for boarders and £33,120 for those who live at home. Its thematic nature allows each student to connect, which dramatically increases knowledge and understanding of concepts and ideas.

Eton College Tuition Fee Table- Local 2019 Application Fee * for all program is $250 Program (Duration) (excluding application Tuition Fee Books Miscellaneous** Total Fees fee) Flight Attendant Preparation Diploma (3months; 13 weeks) $4,795.00 $50.00 $820.00 $5,665.00 Travel Tourism and Flight Attendant Preparation Diploma (10 months; 43 weeks) $12,950.00 $1,150.00 $685.00 …

The school’s list of famous alumni is as long as its history and includes prime ministers, actors, princes and spies to name but a few. The cost of Eton College The annual cost of sending a child to Eton College is £40,700 in 2018/19, without bursaries or scholarships. ‘My dream would be that we are genuinely needs blind,’ says Henderson. Montessori and NWAIS-accredited, Eton School is designed to address a student’s specific learning needs every step of the way. The School Fee includes tuition, board, lodging, laundry, personal accident insurance, and the cost of most games activities and the majority of educational materials. When you choose Eton School, you place a great trust in us, and we are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience for your child. Christopher Furlong/Getty Getting a place at a private school is a stamp of status in the UK. Program Duration (months) International Tuition. Our tuition rate is competitive with other Eastside independent elementary/middle schools. Eton College provides a full boarding education for about 1,300 boys aged 13–18, with balanced emphases on high academic standards, strong pastoral support and liberal choice within a wide range of high-quality sporting and cultural activities. Pay Tuition Fee (International Students) At least one term’s tuition fees (CAD $6,000) will be due and payable upon receipt of Eton College’s conditional letter of acceptance of your application. Students build confidence within a challenging program that strengthens skills and natural abilities, inspires creativity, develops critical thinking skills and encourages leadership.