That’s the top 10 lassi benefits that we think will impress most. Enjoy the fruit and tell us what you thought of it in the comments section. Be it rose syrup, mango, kesar or khus, lassi tastes scrumptious with almost all flavours. Among those benefits of apricot is this fruit is rich of potassium even in dried form.. But as a lassi lover myself, I think these 10 are enough to get you a habit of a glass of lassi each day. Another yoghurt based thin savory drink commonly made in India is Chaas.
on June 5, 2017 From the land of Punjab, lassi, an exotic drink, has reached to the farthest corner of the country; there have been various recipes on how to prepare lassi. Walnuts and almonds for the brain, cashews to fight migraine, apricots for healthy eyes and raisins for digestion – these are only a few benefits of dried fruits and nuts. Now, read on to know more about the health benefits of … It is a blend of yoghurt, water, spices, dry fruits and sometimes tropical fruits. From salty to sweet, there are many variations of lassi and it tastes best when garnished with dry fruits and rose petals. Another yoghurt based thin savory drink commonly made in India is Chaas. Recommended Articles: 18 Amazing Benefits Of Dates For Skin, Hair And Health

Dry Fruits Benefits: An everyday dry fruit you should never skip. Hmm… everyday we would have Read More During my childhood i remember my mom making different types of fresh fruit juices , lassi and buttermilk. Foods have very little to do with it. Lassi is a blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit.
Amazing Benefits of Dried or Dry Fruits You Should Definitely Know About. Lassi, a refreshing summer drink originated from the subcontinent of India, has gained its popularity worldwide. Most of us are welcoming Summers in different parts of the world. Curds have all the nutrients of milk. Presence of magnesium and potassium also help to maintain normal blood pressure and heart function. In summers the most frequently made drink at my place is Mango Lassi. 7 Banana Lassi By Debdatta Mazumder. Good for all ages. It provides your body with bulk muscles and protein. The reason it is popular are its health benefits. Dry Fruit Bite Mix Major Ingredients: Kaju, Badam, Pista, White compound chocolate, Liquid glucose, Sugar , Ghee 100 gms - ₹ 116 250 gms - ₹ 290 500 Gms - ₹ 580 1 Kg - ₹ 1160 Back To TOC The next time you bite into a fig, simply enjoy the fruit, knowing fully well the immense good that it does for you.