#z nation #znationedit #citizen z #roberta warren #mine #500. 816 notes. Addy decides on an aluminum bat with spikes in it while Doc trades for aspirin. In the days just before society fell apart, Murphy was one of three inmates at Portsmouth Naval Prison in Kittery, Maine, who were unwilling participants in a government-approved experiment.Each inmate was given a different test vaccine. They're buying weapons from Sketchy and Skeezy; They're running from other survivors; They're fighting a horde of Z's in a barn. This includes the message from Doc and Addy and some important information about the whereabouts of Lucy, Murphy’s daughter. WE still have a chance to save the human race! :D 10K basically: Screw that I want some motherf*ing oreos and milk up in this joint and I want it now ; #znation #citizen z #10k #dj qualls #nat zang. — Citizen Z. Lexi; Janissa; Kalisha; Roberta. 653 notes. Citizen Z, AKA Simon Cruller, is on a mission with Kaya’s Uncle Koukou to deliver some vital information to Warren via airplane since she was unreachable through radio. It appears as though the zombies are organized! The team drives off, leaving the cult to fend for themselves. Z Nation Meet The Team New Shows It Cast Think Gallery Movies Bright Fictional Characters.

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He was born immune; He signed up to be experimented on; He's in prison and forced to be injected with the vaccine.

What's Warren's first name?

As Addy is trying to contact Citizen Z, she is abducted by members of the cult, who take her back to Tobias. At this point, the scene widens out, and then it hits you — Citizen Z isn’t having a conversation at all. Meanwhile at Camp Northern Light, Citizen Z and Kaya contact Murphy, finding no hope for Operation Bitemark in Spokane. Elsewhere in the Apocalypse, Doc and Addy reach little Lucy's hideout, only to realize. When do we first meet Addy and Doc?

The fate of humanity rests on an epic road trip. Kaya stays in touch with Citizen Z throughout his voyage to meet up with Warren.

unicornspwnall. You know, same old, same old — Addy. Lucy's not so little anymore.

Operation love bites . Z Nation begins three years into a zombie apocalypse caused by a virus that has already killed most humans. Now Citizen Z has a kid with Kaya but I was hoping to seen some interaction with Addy & Citizen Z or a threesome with Citizen Z, Kaya, and Addy (since she is bisexual). They’re attacked by some zombie brothers and kill them dead, and keep moving on.

How does Murphy become immune? And now we meet Addy, Mack and some other survivors, who are getting some ammunition tips from a peddler of such things. I was hoping for Citizen Z and Addy Carver to meet in person and hookup since the beginning of season 1.

He’s just talking to himself and switching back and forth between two screens and keyboards, providing the responses for both himself and Addy. Citizen Z, Addy, Sun Mei, Hector - any one of them could show up any time, but the longer they stay away, the greater the chance they lose the actor.

The team meets up with Brett, Henry and Janice. What are you doing right now? Listening Station Z Nation New Shows Zombie Apocalypse It Cast Relationship Citizen Facebook Tv.

Citizen Z basically: Good news!

When they finally meet Hector's imposter, they discover an old friend gone completely insane.

Doc poses as a customer looking for Sunshine, while the team leads a horde of zombies toward the cult, blasting music from their truck with the help of Citizen Z.

10thousand-kills. First Class Simon Cruller/Citizen Z (DJ Qualls), who is stationed/abandoned in the arctic as part of an NSA listening base; Mack and Addy (Michael Welch and …

The team confronts Tobias and trades Cassandra for Addy. When a zombie virus rages, only one man is immune. Premise. Think of them as the crooks from a Muppet movie: not too bright and kind of just evil for the sake of being evil. Then something sort of impressive happens. Who plays 10K?