There are industry standards and recommendations for SFM, feedrates, insert geometry, workholding, etc., that should be followed. diamond: F = 0 end cutting: N = 0 R = right hand: 1.2 = 5/32" A = steel bar w/ coolant hole: 04 = 1/4" G = 3 1/2" P = lock pin only: D = 55 deg. With two bores to accept vertical tool - one central / one offset to achieve maximum bore diameter. But, I've just purchased a Van Norman 944S boring bar, and … Boring bar choice: When planning production, it is very important to minimize cutting forces and to create conditions where the greatest possible stability is achieved so that the tool can withstand the stresses that always arise.

I have some 4140 here, as well as some 1-1/4" stress relieved pump rods, I'm not sure of the actual material. Boring offers distinct benefits over other hole making strategies such as reaming. IndiaMART . Specification. No other portable line boring system can match the 8200 Boring Bar for smooth boring, accurate alignment, easy set-up and large diameter capacities. Show Printable Version; 03-11-2007, 09:54 PM #1. My list can be viewed by clicking the “To view my list” button. With set of carbide tipped boring bars included. Using Boring Bar on Lathe. Reduced tooling costs, economical • Boring Minimum cutting diameter ø2.2mm-Nose R: 0.05, 0.1, 0.2 † Grooving Minimum cutting diameter ø3mm-† Threading Minimum cutting diameter ø3mm-† Copying Minimum cutting diameter ø3.5mm-aWide range available For a successful operation following a few procedures is a must. Superb quality milling machine tool in 2 morse taper with diameter of just 30mm. Business Tools Centre - Offering Boring Bar, बोरिंग बार in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The registered page can be deleted from the My list when the Delete button is pushed by putting a check in the My list to be deleted on the My list page. Specifications: Parameter Value Unit: Designation: S10K SCLCR06 : D min: 12: mm: ød: 10: mm: h: 9: mm: L: 150: mm: s: 6: mm: θ -13° e: 14: mm: Insert: CC_T 0602__ Guide to internal boring bars Accessories and spare parts: Clamping screw Wrench; SSSM2,5x5: WR08T: Reference S10K_SCLCR_06_DM. Get Best Price. Thread Tools. When doing any operation on a lathe, all parameters are critical and should not be overlooked. The tolerance and surface finish depend upon tool geometry, environmental conditions and the alignment of machine components and fixtures. Nevertheless, technologies have been developed that produce deep holes with impressive accuracy. I need to build a large boring bar, 24" x 1", and am wondering what material I should use? Head diameter - 30mm. Small Boring Bar Series Features MICRO-MINI TWIN a1 tool offering 2 cutting edge types. Step 1: Selection of Boring Bar. Small Boring Bar Series Features MICRO-MINI TWIN a1 tool offering 2 cutting edge types. Boring bars are used to secure the single-point cutters that enter into an existing bore and widen it. Boring Bar Material? miniature boring bars, double insert boring bars, boring bar identification, technical information indexable boring bars, how to indentify carbide boring bars, what do boring bar numbers mean, boring bar numbers, carbide boring bars, indexable boring bars, technical information indexable boring bars, boring bar nomenclature