Brand: Unbranded. Directed by Dick Clement. Severed Bloody Head On A Platter Table Halloween Prop Horror Gore Centerpiece. From Hong Kong. A WOMAN who was found walking naked carrying her daughter's severed head in a bag was described as a "loving mother" and good parent who adored her daughter by shocked pals.

Brand: Unbranded Type: Hanging Decoration Occasion: Halloween. With Lee Remick, Richard Attenborough, Ian Holm, Claire Bloom. The teenager Hirst’s cheeky, if terrified, grin as he lowers his face to the level of the mysteriously severed head, is partly echoed in the hint of a smile in the unknown man’s expression, suggesting complicit humour in the fear and horror evoked by the contemplation of the physical reality of death.

The Assembly of The Severed Head makes demands,as well it might,of its readers.We must agree to fall into step with what is primarily an oral prose poem.We must tune in to its incantatory voice.We must accept that the colour of the novel lies essentially within the vivid action of the four caincs, for all the vivid and inventive envelopes of scene setting.But then, what extraordinary rewards! £21.95 postage . This sophisticated black comedy sex romp is based on the novel by Iris Murdoch, which she also turned into a stage play (with J.B. Priestley).

Halloween Severed Head Prop Cut Off Bloody Gory Zombie Horror Haunted House Deco. 6 watching. £11.38 to £12.58. THIS video shows the chilling moment a daughter walked down a street carrying her mum's severed head in a carrier bag. Occasion: Halloween Customs …

£29.34. Sickening images have emerged of a severed fox cub's head which was found lying in the middle of a countryside footpath.

Paranoid schizophrenic Odessa Carey, … The wine taster and merchant Martin Lynch-Gibbon is married to the shallow and spoiled Antonia Lynch-Gibbon, and loves his mistress Georgie Hands. The distressing scene is … £3.68 postage. Antonia is under therapy with Martin's best friend, the psychiatrist Palmer Anderson. From United States.